Stays in Other Countries

SCHOOL YEAR- 2015-2016

AUSTRALIA -UK- FRANCE -EIRE – BELGIUM – GERMANY – ITALY – SPAIN – SWITZERLAND- SCANDINAVIA -AUSTRIA- USA -SOUTH AMERICA- MEXICO – JAPAN- TAÏWAN . Les Séjours Linguistiques Internationaux Inc. (S.L.I.) offers to students, between the age of 14 and 18, a complete high school program abroad : Australia-Uk-Eire-Belgium,-France_ Germany- Norway-Switzerland-Austria-Italy- Spain-Ecuador-Argentina-Chili, and other new  countries such as Japan and Taïwan. Depending on your choice of programm, courses start in fall, or winter of each year.  You will have an opportunity to live with a host family, wishing to share with you its home, culture, family and every day living. In return, you  will enrich their lives your culture. Open to secondary 3- 4 and 5 students. School year in Australia starts end of January, mid year mid july.


Students who are open, curious, tolerant to differences and capable of adapting to a totally different environment. Students wishing to  experience to joy of discovering another culture and eager to share their own culture and interests.  Students wanting to study in Australia and the US, must have studied English for 4 years. Students must have excellent grades throughout the current year to be admitted. A report card, letter of recommendation from teachers and school director will be requested. A base knowledge of the Spanish language is required for Spanish countries. It would be interesting to have a small knowledge of the target language to participate in Italy, Germany and Japan.


The school year last 10 months from September to Mid-June,  except for Australia where the school year starts in January.  3 months and Half a school year programs are also available in the above named country. The host families are interviewed and well screened. They are interested to share their hearts and homes with a teenager from abroad. The student must be ready to journey through a new way of life and share his culture with the host family.


Depending on the student’s  choice, a high school will be selected for the candidate. Each student will have a representative who will help him or her to have best possible experience. Throughout the program, your representative will maintain regular contact and will always be available for guidance and advice. Progress reports will keep track of the social, linguistic and academic progresses all along the program chosen.


The candidate must apply early because it takes time to proceed with foreign organizations and to find the best host families ans schools. Time is also required to register our students and match their needs and interests, also to proceed with the visa processing sometimes quite demanding. We strongly advise students and parents to apply as soon as possible. S.L.I. will accept a limited number of candidates in order to assure a good follow-up of each student living abroad.


Complete school year : The European countries fee start at  7.800 $ cdn. Australia 8.800 $ cdn – U.S.A and South America : 7500 $ cdn approximately at time of printing.- 3 months stay start at 4850 $ cdn and half year from 6500$ cdn ( air fare not included for all destinations) If student and family interested in hosting a foreign student, an important scholarship is given the host family.  The student must take a complete insurance offered by the chosen organization  before departure when purchasing the flight. Australia will impose the government insurance.   S.L.I can provide the air fare at a competitive cost whatever the country selected for any destination ANDRÉ ANGELL,   Directeur S.L.I Academic Year Program in Quebec and Abroad – 514- 493-9068  ( tel and fax) – Email : or